by k-rakos

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This album is a tangled, muddy mess, but i will try to explain. First off, the title is pronounced: m-v-r / v-b-r / m-v-r. Say the letters in groups of three--there's a rhythmic quality. Such a nonsensical word is fitting for an album containing words that are often difficult to hear or discern.

There seemed to be something special about 'storynaught' and so i felt the need out-do myself. But i also felt that my sound had fallen far behind the types of electronic music that i really admired. So i tried to bend and twist my stuff in new directions with tricky arrangements and lots of distortion and effects. Unfortunately, my mixing and mastering skills didn't really support my efforts.

Nor did it help that words and vocals were beginning to creep into my creative process. Or that i was trying to transition from Apple OS 9 to OS X which wreaked havoc on my recording software and devices. Things were changing...


released 01 April 2003
A k-rakos distortion.




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Track Name: antler
you're the alpha
you're whale
no one ever questioned why you
walk the way you
walk away you
can't relate you
never will

i'm important
i exist
to serve a purpose
you don't even realize is
bigger than you
older and more sacred
than you think

there's a reason why i offer you these things
they're the reason i'm alive
a gleaming emerald lying next to my heart
i still believe we're all the same
some have antlers
and some have wings
Track Name: mega-go
no she said it's all in your head
you never wanted to make it anyway
you're a quiet guy you live a quiet life
it's all going according to your plan

but what i didn't understand is why
the world's so commercially defined
and the measure of success is what you
sell sell sell sell sell

and i've wasted all my time being sincere

no again it's all in your head
you've done exactly what you were meant to do
you towed a different line you payed a different fine
but you'll have more to show for in the end

so don't give up just learn
don't be afraid just grow
don't look ahead or behind
see what you want in your mind
and go and go and go and go
Track Name: ap
there are better times on the way
there are better things up ahead
this is only a temporary situation

you're alright now
you're alright now

took you so long to be here
and you're not unhappy anymore
and not uphappy anymore

now you feel alive

it might not feel right at first
it may not make sense right away
but if you understand it on some level
it will all work out okay
Track Name: recorder
you are the fire in my life
you are the one that takes me
all the way up
and all the way back down

i'm tripping
and i like it
and i'm happy
and i love myself
Track Name: amid
sky above me
earth below me
happy to be here
happy to be here

past behind me
future beyond me
happy to be here
happy to be here

i will always be at peace
amid the falling autumn leaves
Track Name: aerwalf
not quite having reached the end
a new cycle starts
there shall be a place for us
somewhere in the world

don't try to reason
time is somhow on our side
always slideshows and open roads
as we seek to find places unknown