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is here

by k-rakos

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sprawl 04:53
please destroy me break my habits eat my food and spill my coffee keep me up and wake me early steal my clothes and lead me far away far away from home i am only one of many everybody counts for something all of us are blessed and perfect this i know but still i find it hard to feel the peace i need take me far away far away from home followed the palm of my hand like a roadmap not the places i wanted to go so i ride along with you
underground earth is brown roots are ghostly pale deep in space deathly cold source of every color i want your skin your point of view my head hurts my teeth hurt my back hurts my shoulders hurt my eyes hurt my knees hurt my brain hurts my life it hurts new illusion start again
transport 02:42
want to 03:05
i want to invite you to a party don't even know where or why think i'll ride my bike downtown think i'll climb a tree in the park i'm not afraid of illusion i'm not afraid of being alone and inside this confusion there is a place where i am whole i am just trying to be human make mistakes all the time but i never ask forgiveness when i know my heart is right
write rewrite write rewrite for the hundredth time country zero city nothing no healing eyesight typing memos rhythm takes my pain none of those quite seemed to fit right and i'm pushing rocks uphill you don't need to tell me if i didn't think i stood a chance i'd have stopped a long time ago telling stories silly loves songs none of that would do everything is energy some catharsis optimistic mountain trees and sky none of that quite seemed to fit right so
your dark eyes all this frantic movement am i still alive this depression just won't let me go tonight there's no divide can't be sure which road to choose or bed to lie in wave good-bye to young and handsome swimsuit model tho tonight i send mine
boot upon the door finger in the crack all mistakes by me regret nothing no regrets how can i go on living in the past point of power is now regret nothing no regrets
oxalis 04:35
get it right 02:19
most of the time my head was filled with lies i don't want to be like that anymore there comes a time in everybody's life same thing everyday you know something must change stars will align nature shall provide happy accidents and i will get it right this time
metamorph 02:05
it's okay i'm still your friend it takes a lot to shake me it takes a lot to bring me down well as long as i get high don't be afraid i'm still around and after all we've been thru things we've seen that can't be explained not completely if at all i'm impatient and impossible and get angry when i work too hard but i'm trying to transform so stay close but let go i'm impassioned and i'm popular with some people but not everyone and i'm trying to transform and most times i'm just fine all of my words are not beautiful some of my dreams incomprehensible fortunate are we to have come this far no turning back when the future calls


Things had gotten pretty complicated with my last album, 'mvrvbrmvr'. So for 'is here' i decided to take a new approach. I began recording in 24-bit mode for higher fidelity. I focussed on simple, clear and direct arrangements. I did not hold back from singing, and avoided slathering my voice in effects. There is a noticeable boost in recording quality between this album and the last. But I would later realize that my voice benefits greatly from a touch of compression and EQ.

Upon releasing 'is here', i didn't call much attention to it. I was very insecure about the album, mostly due to my voice. But i no longer think of it as a total misstep, and believe it contains some of my best songs.


released May 1, 2005

A k-rakos distortion. Reworked and remastered in 2013.


all rights reserved



k-rakos Los Angeles

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